What We Offer

Horizon Forensics is a full service forensic firm with extensive experience in the prevention, detection and investigation of white-collar offences. Over the past seven years, the firm has established its reputation as a world-class forensic practice that delivers pragmatic, efficient and cost-effective forensic solutions.

What we do differently

At Horizon Forensics we pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs in order to go beyond just investigating white-collar crime – we partner with our clients to identify and overcome their vulnerabilities. This solutions-focussed approach means that we can identify any factors that contributed to their business falling victim to criminals and help to implement measures to protect them in future. We take a cost-conscious approach by ensuring that every element of a matter is handled at the appropriate level and charge-out rate. Our professional fees are based on the experience of our forensic specialists. This model allows us to provide a premium service while catering for even the most fee-sensitive client.

Network of forensic specialists

Our firm has access to a wide network of forensic specialists to support domestic and international assignments. This allows us to access experts in various fields whilst at the same time providing a customised and responsive service without the prohibitive costs normally associated with larger professional practices.

We are members of a limited-access international network of 15,000 forensic and law enforcement professionals who collaborate to prevent and investigate white-collar crimes. This closed group consists of over 2,100 law enforcement agencies, 50 insurance companies, 300 large retailers, 870 banks, 380 credit unions and 60 casinos/gaming. To date the group has tracked tens of thousands of suspected criminals in over 40 countries.

Law enforcement partnerships

Members of our team have established long-term working relationships with various law enforcement bodies to successfully investigate and convict offenders. These include the South African Police Service, Special Investigations Unit, Financial Intelligence Centre, Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, Crime Intelligence, National Prosecuting Authority, Specialized Commercial Crime Unit, Asset Forfeiture Unit, National Intervention Unit and Tactical Response Teams.

We have assisted the Asset Forfeiture Unit in order to preserve and recover assets misappropriated during white-collar offences.

We have also worked with international law enforcement authorities such as Interpol, the Cyber Crimes division of the Internal Revenue Service in the United States of America, Lahav 433 in Israel, the Royal Thai Police in Thailand and the Federal Police in Ethiopia.

Corporate social responsibility

Horizon Forensics is proud to support the amazing work being done by Matla A Bana. Matla A Bana is a non profit organisation that works towards minimising the secondary abuse children suffer when they report crimes of abuse, by addressing the unsympathetic reporting system in South Africa. The organisation’s main focus is on victim support and training. One of Matla A Bana’s primary projects is supplying comfort packs to young girls who report abuse. We are in our second year of supporting this initiative and look forward to a long-standing relationship with Matla A Bana and the important work that the organisation is doing for our children. Go to www.matlaabana.co.za to read more about Matla A Bana.

Professional memberships

Our forensic practitioners are members of the Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners, the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.


The firm is majority black-owned, a Level 2 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment contributor and a value added supplier.

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