Business crime

The firm has seasoned forensic investigators who specialise in the prevention, detection and investigation of white-collar offences. We have developed specific expertise in investigating common forms of white-collar crime, including racketeering, corrupt and collusive schemes, fraud, bribery, corruption, theft and tax evasion, as well as dismantling sophisticated schemes and cover-ups.

Once the problem has been identified we advise on how to deal with the perpetrators from a labour and criminal law perspective. We also utilise our proprietary methodology that uncovers the constituent parts of an organisation that facilitates white-collar crime, in order to assist you to ensure that adequate management systems are in place in your business so that similar offences cannot be committed in the future.


Our cybercrime practice focusses on offensive forensics. We specialise in investigating high-value customer data breaches and hunting down hackers in hostile jurisdictions to retain the stolen data. We work closely with local and international law enforcement agencies to detain hackers and to support their successful extradition and prosecution.

We have successfully led local and international search and seizure operations of private residences, business premises and internet service providers, in order to retain stolen data and secure evidence that hackers leave behind.

Trademark infringements

Brands face a new world of threats and risks as intellectual property becomes more vulnerable in the digital landscape. Brands are under constant siege as cybercriminals and other bad actors apply a host of new internet-based technologies to target and abuse your intellectual property.

We conduct trademark use and infringement investigations to determine whether there are any products that make use of your trademarks and whether products using your trademarks are currently available for sale, and trace entities and individuals involved in any infringements.

Anti-bribery and corruption

Tough new anti-bribery and corruption regulations coupled with vigorous enforcement by regulators has made anti-bribery and corruption risk assessment a critical consideration in potential mergers and acquisitions. Corruption and bribery can negatively impact shareholder value and pose significant financial, operational and reputational risks to business investments. It is therefore critically important for organisations to implement robust anti-bribery and corruption measures and practices as part of their risk avoidance and corporate sustainability strategy.

Anti-competitive practices

Entities and individuals collude to exclude competitors or prevent competition through prohibited practices, such as concerted conduct with other entities (restrictive horizontal practices), interaction with customers and suppliers (restrictive vertical practices) and unilateral conduct by dominant service providers (abuse of dominance) to prevent or lessen competition. We investigate the anti-competitive practices and report the entities and individuals to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Corporate intelligence

Organisations considering relationships with each other through investments, acquisitions or joint ventures need to assess each other’s business, background and reputation. The willingness and ease with which each party is able to conduct due diligence on the other is often a good barometer of future compatibility.

We secure corporate intelligence on entities and individuals using a comprehensive range of sources, including numerous local and multinational subscription-based corporate intelligence database services that provide the most accurate and current information available.

Incident response

When an incident occurs, you need answers fast. We manage these incidents promptly using a structured incident plan to minimize business impact and other damages to company assets. We help you to mitigate the risks using standard operating procedures to respond to incidents in a structured and appropriate manner.

Asset tracing

We trace assets to identify the proceeds of crime and also identify any assets that can be seized from wrongdoers and forfeited as the proceeds of crime. We then link people with money and entities to the unlawful conduct. Our primary objective is to remove the power and assets from the criminals and to reimburse the victims of the crime. We work with local and international asset forfeiture agencies in order to preserve and recover assets misappropriated during white-collar offences.

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